Sunday, January 9, 2011

The side story in life - "The move, actually making changes"

 The ‘most valuable’ thing…

When we asked someone about what is the most valuable thing in their life, we will get various answer, it might be something life, soulless, might be about love, or might not, things or else. Why we need to have something this so valuable in life? I have answered for that, for me, without it, I might die, might not to do daily chores, and might lose my way. Same goes to M.U.M. he has his own one. The most valuable things in his life is his family, he keep on thinking that, without them, he couldn’t grow this big, or be success like he has now. His parent’s investments on him were so big like he couldn’t know how much it was. Who thinks that without their parent’s attention they can live normally for the next 10 years or more? M.U.M’s answer was never, it will never happen…

Mom and Dad

It was very funny. M.U.M used to be so naughty when he was young, or we might say during primary school. M.U.M was born at Tapah, Perak, and he lives there with his parent until 1992. Then they moved to Selangor because his father needs to pursue his Degree in his own field, teaching field. Selangor, M.U.M starts showing his naughtiness during school or at home. It was very funny when we were talking about it, because it seems enological or else. In this point, mom and dad was the person who struggles a lot to make this M.U.M becoming a people someday. He’s going to school, not study a lot, going back home playing ‘lecah’ at ‘dewan’, got grounding because of coming home late, slapped by teacher because of playing chess during classes. Oh my god, it was a child life time. But there is something I won’t forget, the English teacher scold M.U.M because he didn’t win during marathon. If I get to see her today, I’ll ask her to run over the whole UPM in 5 minutes of time, can’t she even think, M.U.M just a kid, what do you expected? That is a lot of things that M.U.M did during his childhood times.

Moving back

Glad M.U.M still remembers his previous friends at tapah, so he isn’t lonely during class. Before he is moving, he got a lot of presents from his friends, oohhh he was very glad having friends like that, and until now, he is still missing them, the one he still remember right now is Shamsul Syawal and Intan Adillah. That time, M.U.M feels like he was very sad leaving his friends at Selangor, he feels angry to his parent because he feels like he is going to miss all of his friends after that move, M.U.M feels so sad. But until today, M.U.M feels very lucky, he thinks, if his parent did not move back to Perak after his father finished pursuing his degree, he will not be success as he is now, why? The answer will be on the next story maybe after 2 or 3 story after this.

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