Thursday, January 6, 2011

" art maestro in diversity starts..."

Life is meaningless unless you have someone that loves you, someone that admire you, someone you admire and some one that you loves. Be good to everyone, and be beneficial so you have something to bring home after daytime... -meet.uncle.meerole- 1986-present

Abstraction the birth and art of life

Meet Uncle Meerole was first discover by the early 1986 when there was nearly the end of summer in Moscow, but it hits hard nearly 75% of Russia during that time, ‘Meet Uncle Meerole’ was a naughty-called name given by the angle somehow, but it stands until today with the tough grip of the writer.

‘An Art Maestro in Diversity’ is actually not a topic, but it derives as life in a whole. Meet Uncle Meerole life is somewhat an art, he goes all the way long before he can hit the truly things that he want to get in his life. ‘An Art Maestro in Diversity’ is as funny and enjoyment by its name, but actually it brings a great issue. The issue that brings was very big too discover, yet the writer try to explore it himself until this blogs appear.

“Did an angle contemplate me…?”

This is the question that keeps buzzing my head every time I am ready to go to bed. ‘Meet Uncle Meerole’…??No one knows him, even for me. The almighty Allah makes everyone is beautiful in any sense, and for me, ‘M.U.M’ is very beautiful by what he trying to derive his life into things. ‘What did angels do…?’ They trying to keep me away from this, but they are praying, it is not good to ‘mengintai tepi kain orang’ but what I am trying to say here is, they have nothing to do with this, this is an off record workbook.

Yet I discover M.U.M journey had gone quarter way of life right now, and now I have been missing something big to share. M.U.M loves to draw, to discover the unusual, be different, friendly, share things easily, easy to trusted, yet hate un-proper arrangement, politics of taking down innocent people, un-beneficial development, money wasting, feminine guys, and of course only people knows what they hate and love about M.U.M.

Seeing world in different way

Thought to be said that M.U.M start walking just 16 months after his first sounds of crying (after being hit at the back by the scumbags-doctor who take him out). The weight was more than 5kg and it worries the birth giving person. That time was the end of winter near Moscow and the leaves start to fall down piece by pieces. But the parents loves him so much until today and it can be seen if he picks up the phone when his mother calling. Back in 24 years before, M.U.M was un-tolerate person, he cries whenever he wants, he wakes up whenever he wants and he do whatever he wants, thank god he got a very patient parents who can stand him until he can think about him by himself. He doesn’t makes friends a lot during childhood, always gets bullied by the oldest, and I can bet he doesn’t remember who were them until today, and actually, it teaches him how to interact with people until today.

God loves him, and so the readers here, you know why? It’s simple, you can still breathe, and read this, am I right? All the friends during his childhood loves toys, back at that time is the time where the people starts developing toys for kids, because the suddenly knows, kids is the very big potential market upcoming. But M.U.M does not just bought it, he draws them back, not just like what other kids are doing, they just played them, destroy them, give them to the niece, and so forth. But you know where M.U.M draws / apply his creativity? It was at the wall, the house wall, pity parents; they have to re-paint the house so the owner didn’t get mad. M.U.M, please think twice.